Graphic Design

My primary goal is to provide high quality marketing materials at a reasonable cost. As a growing business, you need materials that create a memorable identity as well as effectively communicate with your customers/clients. There are many creative ways to get your message out…brochures, posters, CD/DVDs, cards, email newsletters, websites…the possibilities are endless!

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My latest venture is designing books! I am having a fabulous time working with authors to create visions of their work that really reflects them. Check out Luna Jaffe’s books at to see some of my design work. Also check out Kaya Singer’s book Wiser & Wilder for another one of my designs.

Samples of Work


Kathryn King business card

Raven's Light CD cover

HVC business card

Kaya Singer book cover

Wild Money cover

Wild Money Journal cover

Wild Money Coloring Book cover

Wild Money card samples

Sacred Money Oracle samples